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Price From $450~

Lip Blush


Lip blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo. Lip blushing allows you to wake up with picture-perfect, beautifully flushed lips without applying a smidge of lipstick. 

Dark Lip Neutraliztion

$450~(Price Inquiry)

Lip Neutralization / Lip Lightening treatment is a unique and gradual process that works to both even-out lip tone as well as slightly brighten naturally darker lips. This procedure is aimed to neutralize or create an even-tone across both top and bottom lip for a consistent lip tone.

Duration & Procedure

Approximately 3 hours of completion depends on skin type


Check client skin type & condition


Your desired colour & matching up with skin tone




Tattooing Session


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Touch Up

Existing Clients Only

Generally a lip blushing tattoo Touch-up session is strongly recommended, as after the healing period pigment retention will be up to 30-70%. The Touch-up session will fully achieve your desired colour and tone. 

Within 6 - 8 weeks


Between 7 - 12 months


Between 2 - 6 months


Annual Colour Boost (Applicable from 12 months after the initial appointment)


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